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Change how you think.  Change how you feel.  Change how you live.

-Joy Robbins, Owner

Meet The Team

Joy Robbins, LCMHCS
Brandon Allison, LCMHC
Dr. Stephanie Hunter-Brown, LCMHC

Practice Areas

At Creative Counseling and Consulting, PLLC, we provide a variety of specialized services.  We are creative in our approaches by treating you as an individual and crafting treatment to meet your specific needs.


Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are among the most common diagnoses today.  Children, teenagers and adults are experiencing increasing rates of both mood disorders.  Joy, Brandon and Stephanie are trained and equipped to manage the treatment of these disorders.


Couples at any stage of a relationship experience challenges.  Therapy can equip couples with tools to form, build and maintain strong foundations for successful relationships.  Brandon enjoys working with couples.


Adjustment Disorder

Ever had a change in your life?  Ever had to make a shift or adjustment?  Nearly everyone has had to make some shift or change.  Change can be difficult.  Even experiencing typical developmental changes can cause unsettled feelings.  Joy, Brandon and Stephanie are able to help you manage stress associated with any adjustment you might have to make in life.



Self-care is the best care.  It is impossible to pour from an empty well.  Often, women are guilty of putting themselves at the bottom of the totem pole.  Joy enJOYs working with women on being intentional about incorporating a daily self-care practice into their daily, busy lives.


Clinical Supervision

Training the next generation of clinical counselors is a great honor.  Joy has completed the necessary training to become a supervisor for future counselors in North Carolina.


Speaking Engagements

Does your company, church, civic organization, or other group need a mental health expert to speak on a particular topic?  Both Brandon and Joy have extensive experience in engaging audiences in informative presentations on pertinent topics.



CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing) services are provided to individuals and groups to help cope with critical incidents. Institutions may request a CISD trained crisis counselor to respond onsite or virtually to help offer debriefing and crisis counseling support to employees or members of an organized group. 

Types of Critical Incidents:

  • Sudden loss of employee or team member (non worksite related)

  • Sudden loss of employee onsite, homicide that occurred onsite

  • Suicide/suicide attempt related incidents

  • Robbery or other crimes

  • Mass layoffs

  • Disaster related incidents

  • Domestic violence and/other forms of trauma

Practice Areas
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